Energy is the oxygen of the economy and the life-blood of growth

Project Development

Our project development services begin with price and market forecasts, technical evaluations, and expert economic analysis, which allows our clients to make informed decisions about their generation initiatives.

Technical Appraisal of Energy Projects

Manage your energy portfolio investment with globally certified energy auditors at SBE. We provide independent technical appraisals for energy efficiency projects, renewable energy projects, and non-renewable energy projects in Nigeria and across Africa.

Utility-Scale Energy Audit, and Demand-Side Management Program

SBE utility-scale energy audit helps utilities to account for every energy received and distributed within their system.  We work with utility companies to develop strategies that maximize the use of their infrastructures in delivering energy to all categories of consumers in the most efficient and sustainable way while retaining optimum revenue through a demand-side management program.

Market Analysis, Modelling and Forecasting

SBE provides customized and rigorous analysis to give clients a clear understanding of the economic and financial implications surrounding their energy decisions. Our work includes “bottom-up” cost analysis to determine the fundamentals of power supply costs and provides our clients with well-formulated forecasts of wholesale and retail electricity, natural gas, and environmental attribute pricing.

Micro/Mini Grids

Mini-grids are becoming a scalable option for expanding energy services in Nigeria. Aided by new technologies, stronger policies, and innovative business models, mini-grids now have the potential to provide quality energy for productive uses to communities that would otherwise wait years for a grid connection. SBE works with mini-grid developers to maximize capacity utilization by optimizing the balance between energy demand and supply infrastructure while generating knowledge on the factors affecting mini-grid scale-up. 

"Energy planning, efficiency, and management are very impressive but commonly overlooked skills, and a core expertise in them is what SchimaticBlue Energy brings to the table. I would heartily recommend them to anyone who needs to plan and optimize their energy resources."
Emmanuel Akaeze
Value Enabler