Energy and Carbon Management

Energy Projects

You need ways to reduce your energy costs and carbon emissions but your industrial process is complex and most energy management professionals only deal with commercial buildings.  SBE professionals have over a decade of industrial energy experience. We focus on the largest savings: process energy reductions.

You have a greenfield (new build) or large expansion and want to ensure the design is as energy efficient as economically feasible. Our Energy Design Review process provides up to 40 percent annual energy savings compared to the baseline design.

You are time-starved and lack sufficient resources to take on additional non-core projects, but you know there is a great business case for a specific energy efficiency or renewable energy project. We can help.

You have an EMIS now or you would like to choose an EMIS (dashboard software + energy meters) to reduce energy costs. You need an independent expert who can guide you in developing the business case for having an EMIS, as well as EMIS selection, training, and ongoing use.

You know what projects you would like to implement to save energy and reduce carbon emissions. Now you need someone to manage your energy efficiency studies and project implementation. SBE will provide you with one point of contact who will manage the engineering firm and/or industrial contractors. We also act as senior technical quality control experts to ensure that all energy efficiency projects meet design specifications.

Strategic Energy Programs

Your company has an energy and/or carbon reduction target but you’re not sure how to achieve it? We can help! We’ll develop a plan to get you to your target. If you are interested in systematically managing energy like you manage safety and quality, you may be interested in learning how to become ISO 50001 compliant (without necessarily becoming certified).

You need everyone on site to contribute to energy efficiency progress for bigger, long-lasting results.  Through training and incorporating ISO 50001 best practices adapted to your operation, you will have everyone working towards your goal of reducing energy and carbon costs & emissions.

Leveraging our professional certifications as Certified Energy Auditors (CEA) and Certified Energy Managers (CEM), plus years of experience as instructors/trainers, we can provide private training for executives or operational personnel.

Due Diligence and Verification

How do you measure reduced energy use when weather, production, and other factors have changed? We can provide you with audit-proof and utility-approved verified energy savings conducted by our Certified Measurement and Verification professionals who follow the International Performance Measurement and Verification protocol. Make sure your boss knows how much energy you actually saved. It may be more than you realize!

You are investing a significant sum in an energy efficiency project.  We are that independent third-party professional engineering team who can provide you with an unbiased technical review.

"SBE Digital Energy System is the perfect tool for business owners making intelligent business decisions to identify energy wastages, save money, increase sustainability and reduce carbon footprint. The platform enables us to view and report consumption patterns in diverse ways with simple and efficient functionalities"
Emmanuel Akaeze
Value Enabler