Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

Energy Audit and Analysis

SBE provides a spectrum of consulting services to implement energy efficiency, resiliency, and sustainability initiatives including:

  • Detailed energy auditing and facility assessments
  • Utility bill analysis
  • Development or independent review of Energy Savings Plans (ESPs)
  • Estimates of energy savings associated with energy conservation measures (ECMs)
  • Financial, economic, and technical analysis
  • Proposal evaluation and contract negotiation support
  • Measurement and verification (M&V) support

Energy Management Plan

SBE assists clients with the development of sustainability programs and strategic energy master plans (EMPs), which identify strategies to manage, conserve, and reduce a business’s energy consumption and carbon footprint. We conducts detailed reviews and assessments of facilities and operations to benchmark and evaluate environmental, economic, and social performance. Once a baseline is established, we are able to identify opportunities for cost savings and sustainability improvements to improve our client’s energy portfolio.

Active Energy Management System

SchimaticBlue Energy is revolutionizing the energy sector in Africa. Our platform enables commercial and industrial businesses to connect their facilities to new clean energy projects, dramatically lower carbon emissions, and save on their electricity. Our active energy management system is a combination of energy audit and energy management in one digital platform that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to deliver deep energy savings for our clients in real-time. As such, we are a key part of the solution to mitigate global climate change.

"SBE Digital Energy is the perfect tool for business owners making intelligent business decisions to identify energy wastages, save money, increase sustainability and reduce carbon footprint. The platform enables us to view and report consumption pattern in diverse ways with simple and efficient functionalities"
Emmanuel Akaeze
Value Enabler